Forex Avia Robot Review: A Confirmed Scam

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Forex Avia Robot Review: A Confirmed Scam

A robot that claims to make a guaranteed profit of $500 daily is what everyone is ranting about. And this is why we had to conduct this thorough Forex Avia Robot ( review. Rita Lasker is the person who we are told is the brains behind this robot. After searching for quite some time, we found other products with similar outlandish claims. One of their noted claims is having a robot going by the name Fish Forex Robot. All these are scam products to watch out.

Forex Avia Robot Review

There are real robots that are transparent with the expected ROI. And these are robots backed by experts and tested by the trading community. These robots come in handy for all classes of investors. And this is why we insist on using safe forex robots that protect your investment. With these robots, members rest assured that their trading is secure, and the tools are quality. It is what successful traders have been using to gain an edge in the forex market.

About Forex Avia Robot

Immediately we landed on their homepage; we noticed the similarities with other scam products. It seems that Rita and her team are using the same website design on all their products. Apart from having the same model, they also use over the moon claims and promises. If their platform guaranteed a daily profit of $500, we would all be using it. The reason why expert traders are others are not using the platform is apparent. Rita and her team are targeting naïve investors who don’t have a clue on trading.

Their homepage has a lot of sales tags and images with discount prices. They claim that the robot goes for $429, and there is 70 percent off. With the discount, the robot is now selling at $129. If the robot were making $500 a day, the price would be skyrocketing. And this is one way of catching the scam tricks used by Rita. They are using over the moon claims to ensure they get more people to buy their products. It is too bad that their product does not have any proof of concept.

Automatic mode expected income of Forex Avia Robot

They have an automatic mode that claims to make $500 in five minutes. On this robot, they claim to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is unquestionable. With the majority of victims that have reached out, this is not the case. Forex Avia Robot is the reason why we have no other option but to shame Rita and her team. They are using the automatic robot features to entice newbies to sign up. Before signing up, there are a few questions to ask regarding evidence the robot works.

Compliance, License, and Registration of Forex Avia Robot

Forex Avia Robot License Details

Forex Avia Robot is not Licensed or registered to offer any trading products or services. They have no valid documents to prove that their robots have passed regulation. The lack of testing from authorities means that the platform is committing fraud. With such a bold trading statement, authorities should by now be on their case. No trading robot on earth can guarantee $500 daily. These returns are not possible due to the nature of the forex market. The prices fluctuate without warning due to unforeseen circumstances. Boardroom wars and political influence may be the reason for price changes.

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The problem with such a platform is the lack of proper security for funds. Any investor who buys the product should know that they don’t get insurance cover for their deposits. The money-back-guarantee feature is not for everyone. These scam artists may decide to shut down the whole program at any given time. If and when this happens, users should know that no compensation is expected. And this is another reason to stay away from this ridiculous trading platform.

Developer of Forex Avia Robot

Rita Lasker is a name synonymous with forex trading robot scams. She even has a homepage of all the products under her belt. The only problem with Rita is that we only see images of her. There are no videos of this person anywhere on the face of the earth. Her YouTube channel does not have a video of her. It only has the same image on her other products. The people we see on her YouTube channel look like paid actors. And this is the more reason to stay away from any of her products.

The team behind this robot work under the company name Green Forex Group. It is located in Detroit with no actual physical location. And this means that the developer could be using a virtual office to try and get the address. They also claim to have over ten years of experience between them. If this is the case, why not just develop a robot that works? Ten years of trading experience means that her people should be professional and transparent.

Domain details/Background and History

After checking their domain information, the truth was finally revealed. The website went live on 25th December 2019. They have been operational for less than a year. What is funny is that they have a deadline of 23rd December on when their discount ends. And this is proof we are dealing with scam artists. They want to make it appear that the platform is already sold out. The developers want investors to think that they will be late in purchasing the platform. It is sad to think that anyone will buy this ridiculous robot.

Features of Forex Avia Robot

Forex Avia Robot Contact and Support

Forex Avia Robot is an automatic trading tool that uses the trend detection strategy. The robot uses two timeframes, M5 and M15. They can offer three currency pairs, which include EUR/USD, USD/CAD, and GBP/USD. The robot is going for major currency pairs. As far as the price goes, they claim to only sell 300 copies for $129. The rest of the members will have to buy the product at $429. Before purchasing the product, ensure you understand the risks involved with their automatic trading tool.

Strategy used by the robot

According to what we uncovered, the robot uses the upper and lower points of the range. It means CCI and stochastic oscillators determine entry points. Apart from this information, the developers provide no other information on the strategy. And this is what makes trading with this platform a problem. With an approach that is not proven to work with their robot, they insist it is the best. They should be able to give users the full details on how the team arrived at their algorithm.

Support team

Rita and her team offer email support with no telephone address. The platform also claims to have a Skype address under the username rita.lasker. It is also contended that Skype calls are for partners and JV only. What this means is that there is no direct access to Rita or her support staff. We sent an email a few days back and still haven’t received any response. Sadly, members have to wait for a long time to get the full attention that they deserve.

Trading Results

The most disappointing aspect of all of Rita’s products is the lack of proof of concept. There are no words to describe what their robots amount to. In short, Rita is using simulation to try and bring the best out of a non-existing product. They should have tested their robot first before offering it to the public. The developers should also list their results on platforms such as myfxbook. With no results to peruse, it means the robot is not working as expected.

Scam or Legit Forex Avia Robot

After careful deliberation, we have no other option, but to state Forex Avia Robot is a scam. We rarely water down a platform, but Rita’s product is way off the mark. The bloated ROI, coupled with a lack of evidence, makes us blacklist the robot. She should do better if, indeed, she has a team with over ten years of experience. A robot without valid results is a risky venture to pursue.


Since the vendor goes against the rules and fails to have verified robots, we have to trash the product.

The smart investor will go for verified robots that have a transparent outcome. These robots offer a safe way of trading by protecting your investment. They come at an industry recommended price and are a favorite among all classes of traders.

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