Go Global Network Review: How Scams Victims

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Go Global Network Review: How Scams Victims

Go Global Network is a scam claiming to help create wealth by simply watching videos. And what’s entirely unforgiving about is the owner is a known scam artist.

Our review exposes the risks and the traps set by Juan Carlos and his team of scammers. Beware, even some of our closest friends have fallen prey to this scam.

How does the Go Global Network scam work?

We will first review what the platform is all about and how Juan and his team convince naïve investors to deposit funds.

More of an MLM scam, investors get the promise of withdrawing huge amounts of profit after watching several videos.

Go Global Network is aa scam, find out how

What’s the catch? You have to view long content for several days or weeks before your money matures. And when the time comes, Juan and his team leave members in the dust.

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And that’s where we start our GoGlobalNetwork Review, exposing how the scam works.

About Go Global Network

The platform starts by claiming they believe everyone has the right to live their dreams. And the platform sells education as an important tool to help you achieve your lifetime goals.

Go Global Network is offering educational training for a fee. And the training involves watching videos that help ‘members’ become instant millionaires.

There are three types of training offered by Juan and his team. These include Business, Leadership, and Personal development training.

Sign up with any one of the three or all of them and Juan promises instant success.

Some of the product benefits listed include Certification courses, Educational Retreats, In-person Coaching, and Webinars.

Of course, all these are false services Juan uses to lure investors into buying the video materials for training.

And where does the platform claim to have its offices? Singapore, which is far from the case as there’s no such business entity registered in Singapore, let alone Asia.

Guess what? Members MUST sign an NDA declaring they won’t post any negative reviews about their experience with the platform.

And yes, you have to sign the NDA after depositing funds or signing up. What most victims don’t know is that Go Global Network is a recycled scam of OmegaPro.

products offered by

Who owns and Runs Go Global Network

So far, we have uncovered the faces of four of the people running this scam. These include Juan Carlos, A.K Khalil, Nader Poordeljoo, and Paulo Tuynman. Here’s a breakdown of the four;

Juan Carlos – Former CSO OmegaPro and Money Manager for the Latin America branch and was recently busted using the icomTech Ponzi scheme.

A.K Khalil – COO of OmegaPro and the creator of another scam Cloud 9 Life which will soon be a burst.

Nader Poordeljoo – President and CEO of OmegaPro and is a partner to several other MLM scams.

Paulo Tuynman – Vice President of Sales OmegaPro

Omega Pro Crypto Trading Pre-Launch saw the owners running for their dear lives after a raid from government officials.

After this mishap, all of the people associated with OmegaPro went into hiding. This gave way for Juan and his team to recycle the platform, only now claiming to offer training.

You need to stay away from such scams.

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How Much to Join Go Global Pro Educational Platform?

All members must pay an initial fee of $99 before choosing the course. Later, there are additional costs incurred, especially when the time comes to withdraw funds.

We checked the domain insights of and found it was registered on Christmas EVE, 2022.

The website fails to list ownership details making it an anonymous website led by the four scam artists mentioned above.

To continue using or enjoying the educational packages, users must buy one of the five packages.

The platform starts by harvesting personal data including banking details. To complete the sign-up process, here are the five packages to choose from;

Go $100

It’s the most basic account with members earning 100 Go Learn credits.

Go $500

The value dictates the number of learning credits, in this case 500.

$Go 1000

With this pack, members get 1,000 worth of learning credits

$Go 3,000

Members earn 3,000 learning credits

$Go 5,000

It’s the highest package with members getting 5,000 worth of learning credits.

Go Learn Platform

The platform claims to offer the best all-in-one smart learning platform that teaches employment and technical skills.

Members supposedly get daily rewards thanks to the daily reward system that comes with webinars and training sessions.

There’s a 14-month life cycle expected from members where they will later have to deposit funds to withdraw the balance.

Patience is the name of the game as these scammers rely on the member’s patience to reap huge rewards at the end of the cycle.

Just as the 14th month lapses, your account will have immersed plenty of rewards and huge profit margins. There will be a withdraw tab meant for members to withdraw the rewards.

Once you click on the reward, the platform will ask for payment to process the withdrawal. Depending on the amount, the platform may ask from 0.27 percent to 10 percent of the total amount.

Members who foolishly send money hoping to withdraw the large chunk of rewards end up losing everything, time and money.

The platform doesn’t even offer a certificate of recognition on any of its learning materials.

Go Global Compensation Plan

There’s also a go global network referral program where affiliates are supposed to earn passive income. And this is another scam worth mentioning.

As an affiliate, those who you direct to the platform end up losing every dime on the platform. You also lose as the platform fails to process withdrawals.

The affiliate ends up facing condemnation from family and friends who have already become victims of the platform.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these programs

1. Go Direct Program

By personally enrolling as a Go Global network member, you end up earning 5 percent of each of the Go Pack purchases and receive weekly payments.

2. Go Network

There’s a target to hit with the Go Network which is well structured depending on the network program.

There are Targets 1 to 12 with go pack options from $100 to $50,000. Percentage earnings are constant at 2 percent.

3. Go Ranks

Once members hit targets on specified ranks, the Go Global Network will reward members with legs and other prizes not mentioned.

There are 11 ranks to hit and as the rank rises, rewards do get more valuable.

Here’s an example of the reward system;

For the G1 Rank, there’s a recognition reward available with members needing 500 RV Points. 0To qualify you need 1 left and 1 right personally enrolled.

With the highest rank, the G11, rewards include cash bonuses and VIP support. You need over 10,000 RV points to join.

As earlier indicated, this is a patience game where scammers prey on your patience to hit the highest rank to promise a cash bonus.

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Learn the Truth about Go Global Network

The truth about Go Global Network

You need to know the real truth about, and how the platform turns patience into a scam.

Despite the platform appearing as a lucrative opportunity to earn, it’s just too good to be true. There’s no chance of earning passive income with Go Global Network.

The people who operate the platform have a long history of scamming members and have almost gotten away with it.

Their previous scam, OmegaPro, was the true definition of an investment opportunity gone badly. Let’s start with some of their well-known scams.

Past Scam Records from Juan and his Go Global Network Team Members

There are more controversies and scams associated with Go Global Network than any success story told out there.

It seems the people behind this are an online cartel of scammers who hit users with crypto and Get-rich-quick scams.

In 2018, the Omnia Tech scam was founded by Dilawar Singh who was also a co-founder of the Omega Pro scam.

Omega Pro was a proven crypto Ponzi scheme launched in 2019. There were securities fraud warnings from several regulators all over the world.

Even some of the top promoters of the Omega Pro scam were indicted in some countries. Omega Pro was once a bed of roses before the shocking truth came out regarding the end effect.

Go Global Network is a platform solely based on the Omega Pro MLM plan designed in 2022.

Omega Pro is still active in some countries in South America with top promoters moving funds to the Go Global Network.

False Company Information

Bluff content is all over the Go Global Network page such as having a registered entity in Singapore.

We checked with the Business and Company Registrar and there’s no such existing entity or affiliate in the country.

And this means we are dealing with a scam that has already taken route in the Asian market.

The idea is to create misleading information to lure investors from all over the world. And that’s how they manipulate netizens using various tactics.

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Bogus Products

Go Global Network claims to be an educational platform that helps train members. The platform claims to teach people skills to help them build their future.

In today’s world, most of the skills you can learn for free thanks to the internet. However, there are some pay-service providers who do have actual professional services on offer.

The platform is charging $99 as a software fee. It’s a shame that what they offer is already available on the Internet for Free.

There are no qualified persons to offer valuable information and they record webinars and seminars from other sources and sell them to victims.

The main idea here from the point of view of Go Global Network is to bring in as much money as they can, hence the heavy referral commission plans.

The Money Circulation Scam

For those who don’t already know, Go Global Network is a Money Circulation scam. Omega Pro was presented as a trading platform with this one being an educational platform.

Their main target remains to perform a money circulation scam and adopt the MLM compensation plan.

Eric Wore is the promoter of the Go Global Network and has immense experience in money-circulation cams.

Here’s the truth; Go Global Network is a ROB Peter to PAY Paul Scheme.

The company makes huge commissions on each transaction completed by members or would-be victims.

Once the network level expands to their liking, the platform will later disable the payment structure, just as it did in other scams.

What Victims Say of Go Global Network

Why Go Global Network is a scam

There are hundreds of victims who have started airing out their grievances. The victims have started pouring their concerns after the 14 months lapsed with no rewards attained.

And this has triggered affiliates to demand funds from the platform, which is not going to happen.

Go Global Network has managed to defraud several investors including those from Asia and Europe.

We conducted our review based on the experiences of victims and research on who actually runs the platform.

Now you know why we insist you must stay away from this platform as it’s an utter scam.

Juan Carlos was arrested a while back with cases of fraud filed against him. The scammers live most of their days in Dubai, the MLM scam capital.

Beware of positive reviews you see on the screen, these are most likely paid comments. The platform will even offer reward incentives to members to write something positive.

And that’s how victims help the platform hit other victims with the platform. That’s how you know we are dealing with a scam.

Verdict Go Global Network

As the truth comes to light, it’s clear Go Global Network is a scam. Hundreds have started losing funds from the platform.

No affiliate gets the reward promised as the platform gets more from the software sales of products you can get for free.

Beware of Go Global Network and any other platform whose founder is one of the above-mentioned.

If you don’t know whether a platform is legit or not, email us, and we will give you insights and even a review of the product or service.

Stay safe and use only authentic and trusted products to earn passive income.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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