ICO London Review: Why Does a Scam Offer an ICO?

ICO London Review: Why Does a Scam Offer an ICO?

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In this review, we will talk about another fishy Crypto currency investment opportunity called It is not an ICO and it isn’t in London (not unless London moved to Russia). Above all, it isn’t legit. That’s the saddest news about ICO London scam. The website cites their physical address as  22 St James’s Square, London, United Kingdom, SW1Y 4JH. You know this is a lie. With all the broken English spoken in form of text that is appearing on the landing page, you cannot say that these guys are English natives.

They are now intending to launch a token known as BNT token. BNT token is actually a cash cow and nothing legit. The supposed ICO runs on the Ethereum network. Unfortunately, it will never be. The site will soon disappear once it has scammed enough individuals. We have a gut feeling that if it were in London, the story would be different today. Most investment scams just want to associate themselves with London because it makes them sound prestigious and legit.

So, if you had believed in ICO London, you will need to think again. There is a lot of scamming elements on the landing page. You should never ignore those signs unless you want to get robbed.

We know that you can make money with ICOs. However, you can’t do it with a scam ICO like ICO London. You can do it when you trade or mine Crypto currencies. To make money, we want you to focus on these companies. 

ICO London Review

Grammar is so poor, and we had difficulty in getting what the sales page was trying to communicate. May be the first thing they should have done is to hire someone who can speak and write English. We even doubt the seriousness of the project based on the fact that the site was not able to pay a contractor to do a neat job on their site.

ICO London says that they are incorporated in the UK. The allegation is that ICO London started out in 2008 and has been investing in Crypto currency trading up to now. The internet will always let you confirm many claims. This is something that is very easy to verify. And our verification revealed that ICO London is a new website with history dating back to those number of years. It had zero presence on the internet back then. So clearly the sales page is lying just to get your attention. You should detect it.

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Above all, there is no evidence that this incorporation is legit. This is something we have tried to figure out with no success. The more we dig deeper, the more we discover more lies. This looks bad on them. It actually makes the entire thing to backfire because of the simple reason that the site is full of lies and deceptions.

ico london

Oh, and there is a webinar that is to be held on the ICO London website. This is supposed to happen in 23 days from now. You know what? This webinar is all about the fake ICO. It’s going to spread more deception over the issue and this is how the anonymous owner of ICO London will cash in on the ignorant investor. They will announce it and may be do a pump and dump before taking off. It is obvious. This pattern can never be broken.

One thing you have to understand is that if it is too good to be true, then it definitely means that it is not real. If you want more assurance that ICO London is not what you think, we suggest that you take a look at the promised returns. Do you think 7% daily ROI is realistic? That would be 210% in a month, which is something you can’t achieve or convince people about unless you have proof in terms of verifiable trade performance.

If these guys could generate 210% in trading and in mining of Crypto currencies, guess what? They would never set up a pathetic website that begs for your contribution into a scam kitty. That’s the last thing a billionaire wants to waste their time on.

Also, there is an investment package that is allegedly making 110% weekly returns. We can guarantee you that if 210% per month is not possible, then 440% per month is ridiculous. This is the language of scams, and there is no truth in these ROIs. Unless you want to lose your money, we advice that nobody should ever consult this website for any kind of investment.

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The dubious statistics

Do you know what a statistics section is meant to do on a website like this? It is designed to fool visitors that the site is receiving deposits and making payouts. Nobody can confirm those deposits and withdrawals although we can verify the average visits that the site receives on a daily basis.

Please note that this is a big joke. Statistics in such a website are just numbers that cannot be trusted. Don’t bank on them. ICO London needs to work with evidence. If they claim to work with financiers, analysts and technical specialists, they need to walk the talk. Unfortunately, they are not doing this on their website. Each time they make a claim, we find that it is either a lie or cannot be verified. This is a disturbing trend. But it is also expected when it is coming from a scam website.

An illegal website

To operate in London as an investment manager, you have to receive the acknowledgement of the FCA. Otherwise, it does not matter whether you make 7% per day or 1000%. The service you provide will be considered illegal. Nowhere on the ICO London page did they mention that they are regulated by the FCA. So that makes them illegal.

Our best advice for you

Next time you come across a similar site, make sure that you can identify the tricks to avoid the trap. Everything is crystal clear concerning the site. You can never confuse the scam for something legit.

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