Lkminers Review: Another Scam Worth Avoiding

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Lkminers Review: Another Scam Worth Avoiding

Lkminers is one of the biggest cloud mining scams to grace the crypto industry. Our review will expose the red flags found on this platform and why you should stay away.

Most of the products you see on this platform are phony or better yet, non-existent. Lkminers is claiming to offer cloud mining services and doesn’t give any information regarding their mining farm.

Transparency is key when it comes to cloud mining solutions. The problem with Lkminers is they fail to inform investors of the people behind it. And that makes LK Miners an anonymous cloud mining platform.

To avoid all that, it’s best you know how best to check and avoid red flags. For those who don’t know, we will give you the full highlights of what to explore when checking a cloud mining platform.

Let’s dive right into our in-depth Lkminers review.

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About Lkminers

‘Revolutionizing crypto mining’ is what Lkminers purports to do. That’s far from the case as more and more members are raising concerns over withdrawal issues. As it stands, no member has had the chance to withdraw funds with this platform.

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About Lkminers

There’s no doubt that once you land on the homepage, everything seems perky and professional. The people behind this scam sure do know how to impress and lure investors with the sleek UX design.

However, that’s all there is to it when it comes to this website. You need to know that there’s more than just website design. The service aspect of it is all that matters as the platform neglects to inform investors of the end game.

We will highlight the reasons that make a scam and why you should avoid it. Chances are, the people behind this platform are associated with other MLM scams such as Likwel.

The design of this platform is to use affiliates to lure more investors to sign up. These affiliates get paid with the deposits made by investors. Once the sign-ups begin to dwindle, so does the payment or supposed ROI.

There are other numerous reasons that make Lkminers a scam. These include the fact that their YouTube channel only has one video with no comments or subscribers. The team behind this cloud mining platform is methodical in their approach to hiding details of what’s happening.

You also won’t see any verifiable evidence that Lkminers is generating any form of revenue with their cloud mining services. And this is why we insist LK miners is a scam that you should avoid at all costs.

Accounts and Mining Plans Lkminers

There are three accounts and mining plans available on the Lkminers platform. All these accounts claim to offer guaranteed ROI after vesting in either or all accounts. Let’s take a closer look at each account type;


With the Bitcoin account, the platform claims to offer 4 percent daily ROI with the minimum vesting amount set at $3,500. There’s no maximum amount you can deposit with the vesting period set for 84 days.

According to the platform, members are buying an equivalent of 20 Terra hash. You have to closely think about what the plan offers and if the plan is feasible in the real world. Of course, no one can guarantee profits.


The Ethereum account is different in both price and guaranteed ROI. With this plan, you get a promise of 3 percent daily return with a minimum acceptable deposit of $1,500. There’s no limit on the maximum amount you can deposit.

One of the glaring red flags with this account is the number of vesting days which is over two months. That means you can in excess of 300 percent ROI in the days you vest. Really? That’s not realistic, even in the volatile crypto world.


Here’s the last plan on offer with investors having to deposit a minimum of 5 percent to get started. There’s also no limit on the maximum amount of days you can deposit funds. The account also offers 20Thash/s.

Vesting amount on all accounts is 84 days with the guaranteed promise not feasible. With the Litecoin amount, the platform basically guarantees 168 percent ROI after 84 days. It means you will get $1,340 in ROI.

Affiliate programs

To join the affiliate program on this platform is free. The owners claim affiliates will earn competitive commissions on every sale generated through your unique link. This is a wash and rinse scam and we have seen such antics before.

Those who sign up and become affiliates of this platform end up losing a lot more than just funds. The victims end up blaming them for directing them to a scam. That’s no way to build trust in the marketing world.

There are several affiliate levels, starting from level 1 all the way to level 5.

1. Level 1 earns a 5 percent commission

2. Level 2 earns a 4 percent commission

3. Level 3 earns a 3 percent commission

4. Level 4 earns a 2 percent commission

5. Level 4 earns a 1 percent commission

Contact and support from staff

Once you become a member of the platform, either as an investor or affiliate, the platform won’t bother corresponding with you. The only email you get is the welcome email and that’s it. You won’t hear from the platform again.

Those with withdrawal issues have been trying to get support to respond. You will notice the platform doesn’t have a Contact Us page. Just a live chat widget operated by a bot. That’s no way to communicate with investors depositing over $3,000 with the platform.

One of the red flags to check in any platform is the communication aspect. If there’s no direct communication, leave! As you can see on the contact page, the platform insists on one-way communication.

That ensures they control the narrative and choose when and to whom to respond. Avoid investment platforms where the owners don’t want any communication with members. It’s clear Lkminers knows members are would-be victims.

Lkminers License, Registration, and Regulation

Lkminers is not a licensed or registered cloud mining contract provider or investment platform. And that means there’s no regulatory oversight on this platform. It’s best to stay away from such platforms in the future.

A legit cloud mining contract provider will avail details of the company registration and list of team members. That’s not the case here as we see a platform devoid of transparency and safety of members.

Why Lk miners is a scam

When choosing a cloud mining platform, make sure to check what others are saying about the platform. Clearly, LK miners lack positive commentary from the crypto community. It’s best you stay away from such platforms.

Is the safety of funds guaranteed on Lkminers?

Safety of funds is not a guarantee when you sign up and deposit funds with this platform. You need to steer clear of this platform and avoid interacting with the affiliate program. The platform also fails to offer ample security protocols when depositing funds via crypto.

There’s no DDoS protection or SSL encryption on the platform.

Scammed by Lkminers

For those who have lost funds with Lkminers, worry not, you can get back funds thanks to a professional recovery agent.

Verdict Lkminers

Lkminers is a scam, stay AWAY!

PS: The best cloud mining contracts are offered by legit and transparent cloud mining companies.

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