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Next, Coin Market is an alleged day trading system set to benefit investors. The investment brags being a legit broker in cryptocurrency. The platform method of operation is shady. Moreover, there is no evidence has been provided to support any allegation they claim to give you.

Next Coin Market, just like every other scam company, promises you significant profitable returns despite the method it uses to trade being shady. Next Coin Market has not provided any information about the founder or employees or even past trade history.

The platform is owned by another platform, Novo mountain. The platform claims its address is in Bulgaria, but as you read this review further, you will discover that the address is just made up. The firm uses fake testimonies to show happy investors who claim to have benefited from the project.

The use of testimonies is a common trait in Ponzi schemes to lure you into investing money while expecting profitable, positive returns. These members have no idea of the platform and are just fake names. The primary beneficiaries who are going to gain from the company are the initial founders of the company. You’ll end up losing money.

The images are of random people, which the company uses without the consent, and the remarks are just made up. Venture with trustworthy Forex brokerage  that have favorable leverage. Nothing this platform promises you makes perfect sense, and you should not deposit your funds with this investment firm.

The platform uses testimonials, which is a scam trait, and makes Next Coin Market app a scam you should stay away from at all costs. Once you fall for the catch and deposit money into the account, the platform will quickly blocker your details, and you will not reach them as no address is provided.

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worldmarkets Review

This investment firm promises you various claims with no evidence to support any of the applications they promise investors. However, they claim they promise investors are unreasonable and unattainable at the time this platform speculates.

They brag about having made up to 10 million in trade returns and that the members are up to 120 thousand. The method they apply to generate the 10 million is not known either do they provide evidence to support this allegation.

This amount is highly overestimated and is just used to lure you into investing in the platform. In the past, investors could make money out of crypto trading, but now due to the vast competition. The money Next Coin Market app promises to make for you is highly attainable.

For you to attain sufficient amounts in the crypto world, you require patience and general knowledge of the trade. You should, however, only trust legit companies that offer you reasonable profitable returns, and they do not prove any claim they promise you.

How operates

The platform only tells investors that it’s a cryptocurrency trading app, and this is the only information regarding the company. How the platform operates is still a mystery to the investor. can be termed as a waste of cyberspace as nothing they say is reasonable, and you will waste your time on the platform.

The platform resembles a failed setup of a cryptocurrency trading app. You should only venture into legit companies. How the platform operates to generate the funds for you and how the software works are not known.

As is expected, legit trading companies always provide the kind of estimation you expect in your profit business investment. The next coin market has not provided any investment return amount to you, and this is a definite major red flag you need to observe.

You expect to know the ROI and the Investment formula that is applied for you to trust the company with your money. The company claims that they are trading brokerage, and investors need to know how many successful trades have been completed by the platform.

What the profit margin looks like for you to know what profits you expect is vital information that only legit companies will provide. Investment firms that only claim to give benefits but do not show much profit you expect are just targeting the amount you deposit, and that is the primary goal. Review, Next Coin Market platform

Next Coin Market Bonus

The platform features a bonus section that promises investors 150% once you join the company. It is not true as for you to get this bonus, you have to deposit money into your account.

At first glance for any keen investor with experience in the trading world will realize that this amount is not given to the investor and is highly overestimated. Numerous complaints have been raised from the platform for not receiving this alleged bonus amount in their accounts., from this allegation, only proves the platform is shady, and you will lose money if you indulge in any of their business. Even investors who have received the bonus still, there is no evidence of them withdrawing their payment successfully.

Funds Safety

The firm does not guarantee you with funds safety as no banking information has been provided, and also the location of the bank is not available. It only proves that once you have deposited money into the platform, you will never get your money back.

Who is controlling your funds and how they generate the profits is also not known and proves murkiness in the alleged trade app. There’s no evidence of successful payment to investors. You should only trust companies that pay you upon completion of a successful trade.

Regulation and Customer Support

The company receives a thumbs-down customer support and that you will receive feedback in case the query is not known. No contact support or even email has been provided to prove that the platform offers round-the-clock support for the investor.

Legit trading companies will always provide you with at least telephone contact that you can reach them in case you have difficulties in the platform. is not regulated. The problem with unregulated companies is that once they achieve the target, which is to swindle all your money. Reaching the platform is a difficult task. Anyone caught spreading the rumors and the company founders once they are found by the law they risk facing criminal charges.

Various countries have set different guidelines to protect citizens from being targeted by Ponzi schemes. Despite these guidelines being set, some platforms continue to exist, and they generate funds from the public illegally.

The platform has not provided you with any location address despite it. Once you lose your money. The platform blocks your details, and they will quickly delete your account and go out of existence.

Legit trading companies always provide verification details and regulatory certificates to investors, and they win the investors’ trust in return. Regulated platforms prove the genuineness, and they will, for sure, give you the profit returns they claim to offer you.

Domain Insight

The platform, according to, was registered in 2011 November, and the registration expires in 2019 November. The domain name for the company is

Final Verdict

Next Coin Market method of operation is murky. Investors are not aware of the profit they will earn from investing in this platform. The process of the company plans to apply for you to make returns is also not known to the investor.

No past trade records have been provided to assert that the company truly pays what it claims. No contact or any regulatory data has been provided to prove the platform transparency. Invest with legit Forex trading software that will give you real time earnings while eliminating human errors. Nothing this company offers you makes sense. You will end up losing money for anonymous criminals, and you also risk losing personal information.

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12 Replies to “ Review: Is Next Coin Market Scam?”

  1. Invested money and made profit but i can never reach then when u want to withdraw
    Big scan Dont incest i learned my lesson the hard way

  2. Ich habe insgesamt 5250 Euro eigezahlt. Habe bisher keinen Euro gesehen, weil mein Zugang zur Webseite gesperrt ist, also ich kann mich nicht mehr einloggen.

  3. trying to contact these people they took the money never here from the i have sent 20 emails and no of these have replyed

  4. Yes they wanted Euro from me, back in May-July 2018. Started with 500Euro or $AU795 but then 3 more very large deposit transfers. All up I put $AU63,000 into them, they traded and lost most of it, and will not give me back what is left. Won’t respond to emails either. STAY AWAY FROM THEM>

  5. Only invested $300 Euro in April 2019 . My account shows a profit , have a pending withdrawal for my start up money waiting for over 2 months . They never reply to emails , once burnt , never again .

  6. I invested NZ$5000 and did some trading then couldn’t reach anyone when I decided to cash out. I will pursue this and name and shame them on FB… Twitter… Instagram… they will not get away with this….

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