PagareX Review: Is Scam or Legit?

PagareX Review: Is Scam or Legit?

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PagareX is a self proclaimed, self regulated financial system and an ICO. They claim that they are offering an investment opportunity and that early adapters can gain financial freedom in their hands. They also claim that they are investing in Crypto currencies. In fact, PagareX is allegedly investing in all things related to Crypto currencies. They are announcing returns up to 48% per month and this is quite intriguing and even highly unlikely. There is no place on the internet where people can earn these returns. They are too good to be true, and are unsustainable.

We’ve investigated PagareX and the shocking evidence that we discovered from this service is beyond tolerable levels. Of course the idea behind this operation may seem lucrative because naive investors are promised the opportunity to invest in an ICO to gain financial freedom. This PagareX review will give you a sneak pick of what you should expect from this operation. But generally, we feel that this is a suspicious operation.

If you want to invest in Crypto currencies, the best way to do it would be to trade the coins. There are many robots that can help you do this. However, not all of them are that profitable. So we advice that you choose these trading bots.

PagareX Review

PagareX is basically a decentralized Crypto currency ecosystem whose claim is that they are going to help provide best revenue generating opportunities for their users. They claim that one can trade, stake, lend or mine Crypto currencies on their platform.

According to PagareX, users can buy tokens now and sell later for profits when the price eventually rises. This is what they refer to as trading. Our concern is what causes the price of this token to rise, and secondly, we have seen a lot of ponzi schemes that sell fake tokens in exchange for real money only to exit the market, leaving investors in losses. This happens 99% of the time. That is why we cannot trust PagareX at all if they do not have reasons to convince us otherwise.

We have also discovered that this coin isn’t listed with any major Crypto currency exchange out there. Traders may have to wait and see whether this will happen.

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The second method of making money with this service includes staking which is more or less like Hodling but with a slight twist. In this method, investors who choose to put their money into this operation have to purchase the coins and keep them in their wallets. This action will allegedly make the coin earn interest. PagareX claims that those who stake their coin will earn as high as 10% a month, which we think is highly unlikely. We also want to remind you of the fact that no bank or financial institution can pay this kind of interest per month. So these claims are just suspicious, and are pointing to the fact that this operation is suspicious.

The third way to generate returns from this site is through mining of Crypto currencies. They claim that their mining algorithm is quite efficient and reliable. We can even PagareX coins through this platform. The question is why would you want to mine a coin like PagareX? Does this coin even have real value or factors that drive its growth? You see, a Crypto currency like Bitcoin is backed by the fact that many people hold Bitcoin and they trust it because it is the first Crypto currency and the most reliable in terms of value. PagareX coin is considered an altcoin, and most altcoins are simply scams. Therefore, we do not think that this is a viable way of making money with any platform. If you choose to pursue this route, you will find yourself stack with worthless coins that no one wants to buy from you.

The last option involves lending or using a trading bot on the platform to make profits. The site claims that they have built a trading bot and this can be used to generate returns. If you decide to trade with this bot, the service claims that they will split profits between you and their platform. The exact percentage has not been revealed though. The only thing we can see are investment plans promising up to 48% per month.

The platform also claims that if any investor puts in $5,000 USD, they will earn 2 million dollars in profits. This sounds like a dream and is not realistic in any shape and form.

The service has also listed their road map dating back to 2017. This road map has their future plans as well. We have analyzed it and found that some of the future plans are ridiculous and unbelievable. We are just skeptic about these plans to say the least.

In addition to this, PagareX has a referral program which resembles that of a ponzi scheme very closely. If you decide to work with them and send traffic which ends up converting, you will earn 24% of the deposits made by those individuals.

This investment option does not require active membership as it can be done even without paying PagareX or getting involved with the ICO.

Is this a scam?

There is a high chance that PagareX is a scam. There are many similar coins on the internet which are backed by nothing and yet their owners are exchanging them with real money. It’s like printing money and injecting it into the economy to increase supply. The team behind PagareX have not spent any money in order to create these tokens. But they are earning real money when you take part in the ICO.

We also do not know whether internet users will adapt this coin yet. There are several of them in the market right now and they are confirmed scams already.

Our best advice for you

We do not think that participating in this ICO is a valid way of doing business or making returns. You cannot participate in this program and make money at the moment. Stick to these trading bots if you desire to make returns.

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