Start Miner Review: Yet Another Funny Scam

Start Miner Review: Yet Another Funny Scam

Share This! is one of those popular sites with hundreds of visitors each day. In fact, when we look at its popularity, we see that the site has a global rank of 10,893 on Alexa. Most of the visitors who come to this site are from India.

So, how is this relevant to your quest to find out whether Start Miner is genuine or not?

We’d respond to this question by stating that our reviews are mostly targeting popular sites on the internet. If the site has a good reputation and is paying its users, it will definitely get our nod. If it doesn’t pay its users as a result of being involved in fraudulent activities, we will mention the same to you in our reviews.

In this case, Start Miner is quite popular, meaning that it attracts a huge number of audience out there. If it’s a scam, you can imagine the number of people who lose money in their hands. It’s sickening.

Apparently, the truth is not something that is so far away from what we have always suspected. We’ve always suspected that StartMiner is a scam. We’ve always suspected that this is a ponzi scheme just like Micro BTC and the rest.

Then it turns out that Start Miner is just an illegal company, a good contender with enough qualifications to be called a scam. For that reason, we are sending it straight away into our scam category of Cryptocurrency mining websites.

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So, why are we saying that you will lose your money to Start Miner if you dare send it there? Perhaps the following explanation will help you get an answer.

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Start Miner Review

There are many issues with this website. First, something is wrong with their business registration number. Their existence, history of operation, the owner, testimonials and all those things are proving to be a major problem here.

When we analyze Start Miner in details, we see that it is following a pattern that scams in this category love to follow.

To reinforce the fact that this is a scam, we find several complaints about Start Miner website on the internet. Disgruntled users are obviously not pleased with this game.

Let’s get into details.

start miner review

About Start Miner

It claims that it’s a UK-registered Bitcoin mining pool with a couple of physical locations in the world.

However, the site does not reveal the details of the owner, and neither can you find these details in The owner is clearly too careful not to disclose who they are for fear of reprimand.

Secondly, their contact address is just a generic address which is shared by hundreds of other similar scams in this network. That address is not genuine since it was rented from companies that provide virtual addresses on the internet.

Their UK companies house number is also very worrying. First off, anyone can register their company here even without giving the the details of the owner or their physical address. Once you pay a small fee, your company’s details will be live on the internet. People can then trust you because you are registered with a Ltd status.

Surprisingly, Start Miner is not the only company using the same address and registration number. Other companies like are also sharing the same physical address and even registration number with Startminer.

The registration documents which this website is using tells us that Start Miner is registered with the no 09951039. But that is also the same number used by Bitminer to conduct their fraudulent operations on the web.

This could mean that these two companies are owned by one person. If not, then we can say that this is blatant copying with disregard to the fact that some users will research a company before investing in it. This is a big red flag which we cannot ignore no matter what.

What is more, this website tells us that they have physical mining locations in the world. That’s a funny statement because there is no evidence that a single mining location exists in the name of this company.

How can we believe that Start Miner has mining rigs when there isn’t a grain of evidence that this is the case? Perhaps pictures would do if they were too lazy to discuss their mining facilities. But guess what, the scammers just ignored this topic.

For any legit company working on the internet, this information is very crucial. If a website can’t provide it, then it is most likely a scam. No doubt about this.

So, what do they offer?

Well, this website offers plans labeled startMiner v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3 and v1.4.

They claim that the first plan is free to get started with. It supposedly generates 0.0000002 BTC per minute. This translates to 0.0002 BTC of profit per day.

When you update to the 4th plan, you will receive 0.35 of Bitcoin each day.

In addition to this, the site claims that if you give them 5 Bitcoins, they will make you 1 bitcoin every day. That is a very funny statement. If this was real, we would all be rich by now. Unfortunately, it isn’t real. Anyone who falls for such trickery often loses their money.

Their business model is also skewed in their favor. The 4 plans we just mentioned above are meant to favor their business as they will be collecting more money each day.

The truth is, Start Miner will keep mining and paying small profits for you. This can happen until they are no longer profitable in making payouts. At that point, they’ll simply close down and run away with your money.

As a matter of fact, there are many claims floating around on the internet from people who got scammed this way. The company simply paid them once or twice and then stopped paying afterwards.

That is not an isolated case though as most scams in this category work like that. When you expect a profit, you become disappointed because the ponzi scheme can’t afford to make daily payments as advertised on the site.

Payout history

You might be wondering why you’re seeing a list of Bitcoin addresses where funds were recently sent to. Don’t be fooled though. This list can’t be verified as it’s impossible to know whether the recipients of those coins ever received their Bitcoins.

start miner payouts

Furthermore, coming up with such a fake list is the easiest thing to do in this industry. Just create a website one afternoon, then create a page, then copy-paste what you see from other competing sites. You will end up with a nice list which can actually convince that you are paying people when they trust you with their Bitcoin.

The truth is that there is no evidence that this site pays. But there is plenty of evidence that Start Miner is a silly scam.

Our best advice for you

Start Miner is one of those pathetic sites whose mission is to rip off and disappear. We have never come across any positive testimonials about them except fake ones.

We are afraid that people will continue to lose money here if they don’t take our advice seriously. Please don’t use any site that is outside this list as you stand a chance of losing your investments.

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