TopTradePro Review: Thoughtless Forex Scam Broker.

TopTradePro Review: Thoughtless Forex Scam Broker.

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TopTradePro ( is a Forex scam broker to rear its head on the lucrative financial market. This broker claims to manage your trades in different ways. What ways could these be? Conducting an extensive research and investigation was our only option. Here, we discovered a lot of anomalies with Top Trade Pro. Read this honest and transparent TopTradePro review to find out the damning truth. Some tricks will never change.

TopTradePro Review

TopTradePro Review:

These scammers have done a very good job of creating a nice-looking website. After all, its what they are after, to entice visitors. Scammers want to grab your attention immediately you visit this homepage. Next, they will throw in some over the moon promises that will definitely tempt you to sign up. TopTradePro is no different. One such claim is that this company will help you trade using latest tech are a few fake promises used.

Fake promises we noticed include users being guaranteed of making profits. According to their homepage TopTrade Pro is aware of every market movement. Is this really true? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to read this entire review. Promises such as getting started without need of an exchange account are seen here. Also, you will see a banner that reads ‘Tax-Free trading.’ All these are empty promises.

Always go for Dependable and Distinguished Forex brokers to help you with your trading. This is a Proven and Tested way of making real money with Forex. Sign up with Trusted Forex trading brokers and trade comfortably and easily. Don’t waste this opportunity of getting genuine and legit Forex brokers who have trading experience. Investors should have Reputable and Recognized brokers on their side.

Who Owns TopTradePro?

According to the website, TopTradePro is a brand name of Ideas in Motion LTD. Note that the disclaimer at the bottom of the page states that the company is in the Marshall Islands. This is proof that we are dealing with an offshore broker. Furthermore, its concrete proof that these scammers will do anything to hide their identity. Anonymity is what scammers thrive at and we must put a stop to it.

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Reason why we are against Top Trade Pro is because there’s no way we can know who really owns it. How do they expect us to deposit money to an unknown third party? Least thing they would have done is inform us on who developed this platform. Sadly, they put all this information on the shelf and it makes us doubt them. Investors should never have to deposit money to a third party.

Is TopTradePro Regulated?

TopTradePro is not regulated nor registered by any known regulatory body or institution. What we did to confirm this was contact known regulatory organizations. First stop was with the FCA who claimed never to have heard of TopTrade Pro. All we wanted was to know the truth, so we also contacted CySEC. They too stated that they were planning to ban this broker due to numerous complaints.

Another avenue we checked with was with the registrar of companies. Marshall Islands registrar did not have a company with the name Ideas in Motion LTD. It means that we are dealing with a broker who is lying about their registration. Why would TopTradePro LIE TO US? It’s clear that these are scammers who will do or say anything to have you sign up. What you have to do is ignore these scammers completely.

Fake Platform.

TopTradePro Scam

According to the website, TopTradePro claims to have the best trading platform in the world. News and images of their Activ8 platform can be seen plastered all over their website. Question is, is what they are saying true? Folks, we tried out this platform and it was simply, trouble. A good platform should be able to sync with all devices. Mobile and desktop compatibility is of importance to any trader.

Download stalled at 15% and this was clear evidence we are dealing with a scam outfit. A platform that does not sync with other devices means that its unstable. An unstable platform is dangerous to users as its prone to attacks. Hackers can easily take over this platform and steal your information. Credit card theft is on the rise in this day and time and one needs to be careful. Platform such as this is a haven for hackers.

Sign up with Convenient and Dependable Forex trading robots and start making money immediately. Tested and Trusted Forex trading robots is what any investor should start with. Reliable and Reputable Forex trading robots give users the desired results. Go for Regulated and Transparent Forex trading robots and see your fortunes change. Most investors and newbies use them to make money with Forex. Don’t be left behind.

Account Types.

TopTradePro offers users six different account types. These accounts include Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black. Each account has its perks and privileges although, we did not see the difference. All of these accounts are similar to each other and there’s no money-making difference. These accounts have education centers, daily market reviews and webinars. Only difference is having an intro session with an expert.

Minimum deposit starts from $250 to $100,000. Problem we have with this platform is that they are simply lying to us. Members are complaining all over the web that they got a raw deal. Andres is one unlucky member who after depositing $2500, there was no expert to help him. It means that all this expert help talk is nonsense. All what these scammers want you to do is sign up with them.

TopTradePro Bonus.

TopTradePro Fake Review

Bonuses with TopTradePro start from 20% to 100%. This was clear proof that we are dealing with a brokerage that does not follow any rules. Issuing of bonuses is strictly forbidden in Forex trading. Problem with bonuses is that rogue brokers withhold member funds as they want to claim their bonuses back. Why issue a bonus when you will later come to ask for it? This is why regulatory bodies banned issuance of bonuses.

Are Funds Safe with TopTradePro?

Member funds are not safe at all. Here, we have concrete proof that we are dealing with an offshore broker. Nobody knows who owns this firm. For all we know, members are depositing money straight to the owner’s personal account. Furthermore, there’s no proof that there’s a compensatory scheme. If there was a compensatory scheme, Andres would have been compensated.

Don’t trust TopTradePro with your money, we are sure that they don’t segregate accounts. It’s another rule that should be followed by a regulated broker. Following rules and regulations is news to TopTradePro. Best thing is to stay clear from it.

Is TopTradePro a Scam?

TopTradePro is a scam that has stolen from thousands of people. Evidence shows that this broker simply wants to sign up as many members as possible. Once they get members to sign up, they will go under. Don’t be another victim and trade with only registered brokers. It’s the only sane and safe way to trade.

TopTradePro Final Verdict.

TopTradePro Scam Review

As we have clearly produced concrete evidence that this is a fake broker, we have to blacklist it. Ignore all promotional materials that these scammers send. Make sure to mark all their emails as Spam to avoid any threats. Also, don’t click to any link as you will open yourself up to malware attacks.

Always go for Reliable and Reputable Forex brokers who are Tested and Trusted. Make money with Forex by getting Dependable and Genuine Forex brokers. Stay safe and sign up with Honest Forex brokers and start making Real Money today!

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2 Replies to “TopTradePro Review: Thoughtless Forex Scam Broker.”

  1. I totally agree with your review.
    I am unfortunately a victim of the scam.
    I was contacted by a broker “Cindy” who claims to work for loss recovery program by Main Trading Centre. She claimed that they will recover my capital from my previous broker as i was scammed. This was a trial and for them to a**ist i needed to have an active account with a broker they recommended – “TopTradePro”. I opened the account with them and to date there has been no progress on the recoverey program. I submitted a request to withdraw my funds from the broker over 3 weeks ago and to the time of writing no payment has been made and now they are ignoring my emails.

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