Crypto 360 Pro Scam Review: Blatant Thieving

Crypto 360 Pro Scam Review: Blatant Thieving

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Crypto 360 Pro pretends that they are a Cryptocurrency cloud mining providers yet that is far from the truth. The website is actually offering some of the craziest returns on the internet. In fact, the ”best” plan here promises 800% in just 7 days. Not only are these figures unrealistic, but they are also ridiculous. If you want to know why Crypto 360 Pro is a typical scam and a ponzi scheme, read on to find out.

Note: You can only mine Bitcoin and other altcoins profitably using these companies.

Crypto 360 Pro Review

Crypto 360 Pro is planning to go viral with their marketing campaign, and the aim is to target naive investors who have been swayed into believing that a lot of money can be made quickly through mining Cryptocurrencies in the cloud.

Although one can definitely make a lot of money with Cryptocurrency mining on the internet, one of the factors that influence the amount of money you will earn per day is the capital that you’re will to invest. The higher the capital invested, the more you will earn per day.

But this is not to say that Crypto 360 Pro is a legit cloud mining platform. Authentic cloud mining platforms on the internet are widely known because of the social recognition which surrounds them.

Crypto 360 Pro is fraudulent because they are aiming to attract newbies with promises that can never be fulfilled. While investigating this suspicious domain, we were able to find several scamming indicators suggesting that the website is an unsafe place to invest your money in.

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It is no secret that this program is a ponzi scheme too. They have an affiliate program in place where new members can join active members to build a pyramid-like compensation structure.

The problem is that ponzi schemes never pay in the long run. No wonder ponzi schemes are not universally recognized as a business model. They fail.

crypto360pro review

In fact, you will never even break even with Crypto 360 Pro website because the main aim is to ensure that once money has left your pocket, it cannot be recovered.

The owners would be dumb if they returned the money to you. So trust us that this is not in their cards.

This Cryptocurrency gimmick is here to mislead as many people as possible. A while ago, this shady website was having an ICO, which essentially means inviting as many people as possible to fund raise in the name of supporting their initiative at Crypto 360 Pro.

The value of the token was supposed to be backed by claims that this website actively mines altcoins. No whitepaper or road map was provided to tell us where this project is headed in the next couple of months.

Now, what people might not know is that this was a ploy to collect as much revenue as possible. You can rest assured that those who participated are now crying for having lost their money. They are disappointed by the fact that they sent money to scammers who stole it with impunity.

Most people don’t know that Crypto 360 Pro was copied from another rogue project called Crypto 301. That scam has never done good to anyone. They insist that you should send money in form of Bitcoins. This means that once the transaction is recorded in the Bitcoin Blockchain, it cannot be reversed. That’s how people lose money with Crypto 360 Pro.

Abnormal returns

Everyone agrees that this platform is promising crazy returns that can’t be attained consistently. One of their packages is even promising 124% daily for 10 days. This is unbelievable. You cannot double your investments every day for 10 days. But scammers would want you to believe that their mining program is so profitable that tripling investments in one day is a matter of purchasing one of their plans and sitting back thereafter while waiting to collect your earnings.

crypto360pro plans

This ridiculous plan is asking for a minimum investment of 0.01BTC and a maximum of 5BTC. We feel sorry for anyone who will be crazy enough to send 5 Bitcoins to these scammers. These people are certainly rational.

Let’s assume that you invested $10,000 on the basic package. After 1 day of investing, you’d be having over $20,000 in your Crypto 360 Pro balance. This should continue like this for 10 good days. Can you see how illegitimate this is? It’s a total lie. It shows that these scammers are only targeting newbies who don’t have any knowledge of how the Cryptocurrency mining market works. They feed on this ignorance by making obnoxious claims and hoping that people with money to throw away will quickly jump in. That is their bread and butter. Don’t fund a criminal.

Of course this ridiculousness doesn’t end here yet. Look at the rest of the plans on this website. They are unbelievable as people are being promised 200% after 4 days, 400% after 3 days and 800% after 7 days. Something isn’t making any sense here.

What exactly is the difference between the first plan and the rest of the plans?

Well, in theory, the first plan appears to be utilizing aggressive investment tactics where money is thrown away in large numbers hoping to make quick profits in a short time. The rest of the plans appear to be utilizing a conservative approach to investing.

But that is just the theory bit of it. It does not represent what actually happens to your money when you throw it to these scammers.

These same lies can be found in the website Crypto 301.

These door busters are fraudulent in nature. They have mastered human psychology and even understood that newbie investors can quickly be sucked into the game if they are promised overnight riches.

We feel sorry for those who will be convinced by this financial game and heartless pyramid scheme. There is no guarantee for consistent revenue. In fact, there is no guarantee that people can even earn money with shady programs like Crypto 360 Pro. If you ever deposit your money here and get a small portion of it as profit, count yourself lucky because these scammers are generally not interested in returning money that has reached their wallets.

An illegal investment program owned by anonymous operators

This financial game continues to rare its ugly head nonetheless. First of all, most countries regulate investment programs. The moment you’re taking an X amount of money from someone and claiming that you will multiply it to a Y amount of money, the law requires that you seek proper licensing. Even government bonds are licensed in this jurisdiction. But they never promise abnormal profits.

Now, the risk of investing in this illegal pyramid scheme is that it is not licensed to conduct this service on behalf of anyone.

The other concern is that the owners of this scam are not known. They are not willing to disclose their identities. They’ve actually gone an extra mile to hide their details on, meaning we can’t find out who owns the domain.

It’s a huge red flag because we have no idea who these crooks are. If they are faceless, it means they are intending to steal your money. There is no good will intended here. This should be the absolute truth.

Our best advice for you

The reason why Crypto 360 Pro has been blacklisted is because it is misleading investors with false information. We definitely think that this is a money-losing scheme operated by seasoned internet criminals. Avoid.

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