iForex Manager Scam Review: A Hoax, Not A Real Asset Manager!

iForex Manager Scam Review: A Hoax, Not A Real Asset Manager!

The online Forex market is a healthy breeding ground for scammers and phony asset managers like iForex Manager—- who clearly do not have the slightest understanding of how to present their products/services to prospective clients.

This is the reason why our subscribers asked us to review them (

This website claims to offer Forex managed account services to both institutional and retail traders who don’t have time or knowledge on how to trade the Forex market.

To start with, iForex Manager is not a reputable asset management firm. We were unable to establish whether or not this company website is licensed to do what it says it does.

This asset manager raises suspicion based on how they present their business to their clients.

iForex Manager Review: Our honest opinion

This website looks unprofessional in every aspect. First and foremost, all the wordings are in upper case, which suggests that whoever was doing the writing on this site had absolutely no idea that upper case writing means shouting.

Secondly, the grammar in that website is terrible. It is not what we expect from a portfolio manager who says that they can manage your asset and make profits for you if only you are willing to invest a minimum of $30,000.

The whole presentation is ridiculous, not to mention that iForex Manager is not even licensed to offer financial services.

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In fact, if we were asked to summarize it in one sentence, this would be a warning to investors who are contemplating using this asset manager and trusting that they have what it takes to make returns out of investments.

They failed to get the basic things right, how much more do you think they will mess you up?

The tell tale signs are crystal clear and no one can ignore them. So if you trust your instincts, read this review and once you’re done, choose a better option or simply run because iForexmanager is not a place to be.

iForex Manager and services which they claim to offer

The website claims that they’ve been investing in Forex for 10 years now.

Whether this is true or not isn’t important for us. We want to see verifiable results.

Forex managed accounts is the main service offered by this company (if at all it’s registered as a company).

Other services which they claim to sell include software solutions for trading, Forex charting, Forex training, Money management and IB relationships.

But remember that there are currently lots of shady companies doing this stuff since the Forex market is a hot bed of scams.

We can’t simply trust them just because they said that their website offers those services. We have to actually review their performance, user ratings and licensing which will serve as proof that this company is authorized to transact in those niches, and that it has been doing what they say they do.

Basically, iForex Manager website leaves things hanging since it doesn’t answer burning questions that investors may need answers to.

Not to mention, the poor grammar also makes it extremely difficult for clients to understand what is being said on that website.

It reduces their trust ratings further, giving the impression that they are not serious with their work.

Where do they run business out of?

For someone to demand a minimum investment of $30k, they must be an established entity with a track record for managing their clients’ portfolio.

However, as for iForex Manager, important matters have been left out and instead, the asset managers are greedily salivating for your money.

What a show?

To start with, the website does not state where they operate business from. There is no physical address anywhere on the site.

One of the requirements for obtaining licensing in the asset management niche is that a business should state their location very clearly.

But this one doesn’t have licensing, plus they claim to work with reputable brokers. We wonder how?

Besides, this website is very basic in design. It doesn’t fit a business that claims to handle assets of high-net worth clients.

It does not give the impression that iForexmanager is successful in what they do.

If they were indeed successful, we would have seen a professionally-designed website with proper English.

We understand that some of these asset managers don’t come from English speaking countries. However, that’s not an excuse to put up a spammy website.

Can’t you just hire someone to write and design for you? Actually, this is just being too lazy.

User ratings and reviews

iForex Manager is pathetic regardless of which angle you look at it.

If they claim to have been running this business for 10 years, they ought to have attracted some clients who would be more than willing to give their testimonials.

Sadly, this site does not mention anything to do with their ”present clients”. It almost looks like it’s a dormant site abandoned long ago by its owner.

So our effort to speak to anyone of their clients hit a dead end.

We decided to conduct a search on Google to see what reviews were available out there.

To our surprise, iForex Manager doesn’t have any reviews. Remember that you must have reviews before ratings can be awarded.

So let’s not go this far by asking for ratings when we don’t even have reviews yet, despite 10 years of existence in this business. It’s weird.

Return on Investment and Drawdown

Scams will cook up figures even if they are not realistic because the goal is to make you sign up immediately.
Instead of giving us an average return on investment, this is what they say

However, as for iForex Manager, there is no clear return on investment percentage which clients should expect when they invest a minimum of 30k.

This is a serious matter by the way. Before I commit my money to a fund manager, I’d be willing to find out what my expected return on investment would be.

On the same note, I’d be concerned with draw down percentage before signing the LPOA document.

If these things are not clear and the fund manager is just beating around the bush, I’d close that website quickly and move to another credible one.

To cut a long story short, iForex Manager lacks professionalism and the ability to communicate clearly with their prospective clients. That’s not my cup of tea when it comes to choosing an asset manager. I don’t know about you.

About the company

How is it possible that this company has ”worked so hard” to produce quantitative tools and qualitative measures for extracting profits in the markets yet no one knows their background?

iForex Manager
Unnecessary information used to describe background of iForex manager

We sought answers on the ”about us” page and saw that again people were beating around the bush.

The page kept recycling the same content with no substantial information to sink your teeth on.

The background of iForex Manager remains vague and unclear.

Our Best advice for you

You should not waste your money on iForex Manager because the company clearly doesn’t have what it takes to make you successful as an investor in the long run.

We’ve been recommending simple yet effective tools for trading Forex on automation. We believe that these tools are better than using a service like iForex Manager scam. You might do yourself a big favor by signing up to any one of those products.


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  1. Thank for this info still new to the forex world and I unfortunately already got scammed a few times so I’m grateful I wouldn’t be taking another L for trying this out.

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